Training & Education

Education Videos are a really effect training tool when executed well and be a valuable training aid in any industry. This medium is often under utilised, but your viewer is much more likely to absorb information from a video than from plain text as it keep the audience engaged.  We can produce videos of live training events through to scripted role plays. Our productions can contain live footage, slides and motion graphic animations to clearly demonstrate a concept to the audience.

Training is an important area for us and our productions include patient education programs, skills training or mandatory occupational health & safety training videos. We can supply a live video feed at events where it is necessary to demonstrate a small product and project on to the big screen. We also create instructional videos on the use of anything from medical devices to administering medication.

Our productions can be delivered in a variety of formats, so whether you are looking for an educational DVD, product demonstration on a tablet, E-Learning content or internet video, then we can help.