A teleprompter is also known as an autocue. The first teleprompter was simply a roll of paper that was “scrolled” in front of the presenter as a way to “prompt” them with their lines. Technology has advanced a lot since these early paper systems and nowadays a teleprompter refers to a monitor mounted below beam splitter glass (a special mirror developed to shoot video through) with a black cloth cover to keep out the light. A camera is then placed behind the beam splitter glass and the video is shot through the mirror.

A teleprompter can be a valuable piece of equipment when filming and save time during filming. Rather than memorise lines, the presenter is able to read the script from the reflection of the monitor, while looking directly at the camera, giving the appearance of spontaneity.

We use an iPad based system as shown below. If you require a teleprompter for your shoot, then please let us know when booking.