Filming Location Considerations

During the planning process of a video project we often receive a lot of questions about the best filming location. There are several key things to consider including available space, room aesthetics and the obvious quiet location.

The amount of space required will depend on the equipment required and the number of people attending the shoot. If using our green screen technology to have a transparent background then we will need a larger area to setup the green screen stand.  If the full body will be in shot then a deeper room will be required.  We often move furniture around to get the layout we are looking for, but rooms will large boardroom tables should be avoided.

When we are required to film in an office environment then their needs to be ample space for  the camera and lighting equipment. If the room is small then often the background will be in focus, so care should be taken to objects in the background. This could be personal photos or branding for a competitor product.
As we like to control the room lighting, large windows with natural light spilling in can be a problem so should be considered.

Noise is often our biggest issue when filming and there are a lot of considerations when selecting a locations and indeed the timing of the shoot. The noise created by external sources needs to be kept to a minimum although very hard to eliminate completely unless hiring a studio. To keep noise on set to a minimum then please consider the proximity of other people outside or in adjoining rooms. If near high traffic area then try to schedule around busy periods where possible.

A few of the common noise sources include: telephones, toilets flushing, doors closing, lifts moving, traffic, loud air conditioners, clapping (adjoining meeting rooms), etc.

Some noises will be unavoidable and when we run webcast during dinner meetings, there is the obvious crockery and cutlery noises associated with that environment.

The acoustics of the room also play a role and carpeted areas are preferred over tiled or wooden floors.  Sound will bounce off of the floor and walls, but carpets absorb sound well.

I hope this gives you a good idea of what is required when selecting a location for filming, but feel free to ask us any questions during the planning process. Also please keep in mind that we offer a site inspection service for a small fee if required.