Conference Presentations

We are able to film single presentations to full conferences as well as delegate feedback interviews. When producing a video the slides are added to the video during editing process for a high quality image, rather than filming a wide shot to include a projected screen. Some clients opt for conference presentation highlights rather than filming the whole presentation. Key speakers are taken to a separate room where an interview station is setup. The presenter can then give a summary of their key messages and add a handful of slides if they wish. The finished videos can be added to a website, produced on DVD or shown from an iPad if required. This summary option is very popular when the audience has limited time available.

Conference Theming Opening and Closing Videos

If you are running a conference then we can create a themed opening video including event and product branding.  We can also capture the conference event activities on camera and create a highlights video to close your conference on a high note. We have mobile editing suites which allow us to create the video on location.