About Us




Alan Stone - Director / Producer

The founder of Ranrox, Alan started out his career in the IT Industry back in the late 80’s. Alan became interested in acting 15 years ago, spending many years performing on the stage and in short films. It was during this time that he developed a passion for directing. Soon he was creating his own short films, of which many were shown at international film festivals.

In 2003 he started working as Multimedia Services Manager for a large multinational pharmaceutical company producing, directing and editing corporate video productions. These productions included promotional, educational, training and occupational health and safety videos. With more than 500 productions to his name, he has a wealth of experience and can assist in bringing your project to life.




Scott Smith - Videographer

Having worked in Global IT security in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, Scott Smith decided to change his career path and follow two of his passions in life of videography and writing. Scott shows both his creative and technical skills in all the work he does and recently had a short story published in an online magazine which was also read on the radio. He has genuine love of meeting and working with different people which is further complimented by a strong customer focus.